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Your die-cutting Solution


At Rotary Precision, we aim to find the best die-cutting solutions for our clients and help them build up their production lines.


According to the differences between products, materials, and the die-cut method, we can provide machines and consultants to fulfill the need of our customers.


The tolerance of our machine is less than 5 µm.  An inspection system could be added to assure the quality of the finished product.

Total solution

Apart from the die-cutting process, we also provide customized machines combining all the production processes.

Our Product

i.      PS18 – Rotary Die Cutting for Sheet Material 

ii.     PS30 – Rotary Die Cutting for Sheet Material

iii.    PR350 – Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Feeding in Sheets

PS18:B3+ Precision Die Cutting
with two magnetic rollers, widely applicable.

PS30:B2+ Precision Die Cutting
broadly cutting with high efficiency

Feeding in Roll

PR350:340mm Precision Die Cutting

applicable on varied materials, adapted to all process

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