Foremost eMage established in 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan by H.P. Wang. With over 48 years of experience in security printing and data management, Foremost eMage Corporation has grown to be a leading global supplier in secure print products and solutions.


Foremost eMage has continued its focus on quality and accuracy in our ranges of product. We provide scratch recharge vouchers, SIM cards, lottery tickets, bank checks, data printing, mailing services, secure vouchers booklets, etc.


We provide high precision printing products and solutions.  We have security access controlled premise to make sure security standards are high. We also provide data management and protect personal data security.


Foremost eMage is known for our in-house inspection readers and detectors to ensure accurate quantity, sequence, and packing records. We also service customers in Taiwan , Southeast Asia and African with efficient logistics. We are trusted by many known customers globally.

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