Scratch Cards

Uncompromising Quality, Uncompromised Security

We are proud of our 6 Innovative Security Features 

    1. Prevent Over-scratchPrevent over-scratch even using of sharp objects like keys.  No need to worry about PIN codes being erased.
    2. Security hidden cutTo prevent peel off and tempering paste to another denomination.
    3. WaterproofPIN codes are waterproof against rain, sweat or water/coffee spills.
    4. 600 DPIClear 600 dpi resolution with accurate positioning.
    5. Scratch panel has thick layers to prevent light penetration.
    6. Compact and cost savingsWe can make mini cards that with PIN Codes, serial numbers, expiration dates, bar-codes with our precision printing.

6 Main Security Features

“Water Proof”​
Waterproof against rain, sweat or water/coffee spills

Hidden as a line or part of a design

“NO Light penetration”​
To prevent peek-in without scratch

“Surface Cut”​
To prevent peel off and paste to another card

“Prevent Over-scratch”​
Prevent over-scratch even with using of sharp object

“600 DPI”
Clear 600 dpi resolution

Layout Options

Single Card


5-in-1 Horizontal

5-in-1 Vertical



10-in-1 Horizontal





Please note that these are only representative of some of the layout options available. We are more than happy to work with you in order to create the perfect, customized, marketing material for your prepaid cards!

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